Ellya’s project, “LOST,” was her first film work, which was created for her first year Screen Arts major assignment. The movie describes a young woman who suffers from a mental disorder and struggles to find her inner peace. Then through music, she has finally found her ease. In this work, Ellya introduced a character who is played by her sister Ester, whom actually tells the audiences about her real life story.  Ellya is inspired by her sister’s life and wanted to share Ester’s experience and hopes that her story could inspire others and raise awareness for people who suffer from mental disorder.

VOICES FROM THE PAST (ongoing work)


Explore the unseen objects. My intent is that the audience will be able to feel the memories of the past, by observing what has been left behind. Let the debris speak for itself, of what life they held back in their day.

I wish to remove the eeriness of these locations and bring forward the memory which those areas held, by introducing the voices from the past.


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