Ellya Gunawan is a start-up video artist who is currently pursuing her education in Sydney College of the Arts. She holds a background as a Graphic Artist but has a drive to go beyond still images, therefore her next goal is to venture into the field of motion pictures. She is fascinated by how movie production works; the story lines, the characters, the experiences and the learning process behind it. Everyday feels like a new challenge for her and she embraces the journey wholeheartedly.

Ellya is convinced that arts have the power to change the world. As a video artist, it is our job to create stories which inspire others and make a difference to their life and society. Her works are motivated by everyday life and how unique everyone’s story is. She hopes that her works could become a bridge to connect people together by simply telling a story. She uses video as a platform to communicate, because she believes that video has a significant impact on emotions, more powerful than text and images. She measures success by viewers’ reaction to her work. Success is when the audience received the underlying message and reflect them back to their life. She hopes to make more videos in the future that could inspire others.


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